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SHEE is constantly striving to improve the education of health sciences. For teachers, doctors, nurses and health science education personnel Able to increase knowledge and skills Whether in education, teaching, doing educational research Techniques, how to teach students in different ways, being a coach or mentor, and more

SHEE Services


Tailor-made courses

Is a service for training, knowledge development And educational skills in the School of Health Sciences For internal or external departments of the Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital




Shee Online Course

Providing online learning services with access to knowledge anywhere, anytime, anywhere in the world. Accessible to both internal and external personnel, Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital.

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Education Research Clinic

Consultation service conducting educational research is not as difficult as thought. If you are doing educational research and are stuck with the problem, don't know what to do next or a newbie who wants to do research can consult with the SHEE center. We have experts to advise.

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SHEE Knowledge Store

The SHEE Knowledge Base, which you can access without any cost, just has your interest in education. Would like to increase knowledge Then can immediately enter to study
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SHEE Update

Schedule of service of educational research clinics

16 April 2020 : 01.00 PM - 04.00 PM (Dr.Nittha Phuthimanoradeekul)

17 April 2020 : 04.00 PM - 06.00 PM (Associate Professor Cherdsak Iramaneerat)

22 April 2020 : 02.00 PM - 04.00 PM (Dr. Yodying Dangprapai)
24 April 2020 : 10.00 AM - 00.00 PM (Assistant Professor Thasaneeya Ratanaroutai Nopparatjamjomras)

30 April 2020 : 01.00 PM - 04.00 PM (Dr.Nittha Phuthimanoradeekul)


SHEE Online Store


Address : Siriraj Health science Education Excellence center
Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University
Phone: 02-419-9978 / 02-419-6637